Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Endodontic Repair Cement


Instructions For Use

ROOT+PLUS is an endodontic repair cement.

ROOT+PLUS powder consists of very fine hydrophilic particles of
several mineral oxides.

After contact with ROOT+PLUS liquid, it forms a gel that hardens to an impermeable barrier.


  • Repair of root perforations during root canal therapy.
  • Root end filling (retrograde).
  • Pulp capping.
  • Root end filling (orthograde)

Dispensing & Mixing

The powder: liquid ratio is 2.6: 1.0. This can be obtained by mixing 1 level scoop of powder and 2 drops of liquid.

If a thinner or firmer consistency is desired, the mixing ratio can be modified slightly:

For root-end filling (orthograde) (see 5.4) the recommended mixing ratio is 2:1 (by weight). This can be obtained by mixing 3-level scoops of powder and 8 drops of liquid. The mixed material gives a sufficient amount for apexification that can be applied optimally with a suitable application device into the root canal.

For mixing ROOT+PLUS use a mixing pad that is impervious to water or a glass block of suitable dimension.

For accurate dispensing of ROOT+PLUS powder shake the bottle to loosen the powder.

Overfill the spoon with the powder, level the powder with the mixing spatula, and carry it onto the mixing pad.

To dispense ROOT+PLUS liquid turn the bottle vertically with the tip about 5cm above the mixing pad. Steady your hand and squeeze the bottle gently to dispense one drop at a time. If any bubbles are present, lightly tap the bottle with the fingers holding it. Discount under-sized drops that contain bubbles and are not full-sized. Discount over-sized drops, usually resulting from holding the bottle too close to the mixing pad or squeezing the bottle too hard and for too


Repair of root perforations.

Place rubber dam and clean the root canal system using intra-canal instruments and irrigate with NaOCl. Dry the root canal with paper points and isolate the perforation. Fill the apical canal space up to the perforation completely with a suitable root canal filling material.


Powder: 1gm

Liquid: 3ml

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use.