Light-Curing Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide


Instructions For Use

This is a light-curing radiopaque one-component calcium hydroxide material.

Field Of Application:

  • As a liner for indirect pulp capping.
  • As liner under all filling materials.
  • As a protection against acid when applying the total etch technique.

To prevent marginal leakage and infiltration of bacteria in the cervical/ approximal margins, a permanent isolation is recommended.

LC CALEXCEL can be directly applied from the tube. In case of linings of more than 1 mm apply and polymerize layer.

Cure LC CALEXCEL with halogen light. Keep the light source as close as possible to the surface (approx. 1-2 mm) and cure for at least 40-60 s.

In case of more distance extend curing time. Carefully remove excess materials with a rotating instrument and apply the filling according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


LC CALEXCEL adheres to materials, e. g. crown and bridge materials, temporary sealants on methacrylate basis, certain impression materials (e. g. polyether). This could lead to removal of the lining (core build-up). In such cases it is recommended to apply an isolating agent (e.g. vasline, glycerine gel or similar). Remove isolating agent prior to definite application.

The consistency of LC CALEXCEL does not allow to remove excess material with a probe, this could eventually remove the whole lining (use a rotating instrument).

After use of LC CALEXCEL avoid direct light (operation lamp, sunlight)and apply the material immediately.

LC CALEXCEL contains calcium hydroxide, TEGDMA, BHT, UDMA and amine. Do not apply the material in case of patients with known allergies against these ingredients.

Eugenol and other contaminations (e.g. thymol) prevent the polymerization, therefore avoid contact with these materials.

Too short curing times and insufficient light intensity lead to incomplete curing, therefore check the halogen lamp/ light guide regularly.


The dental surfaces have to be dried thoroughly and contamination has to be avoided. The preparation corresponds to the rules of the usual filling technique. In direct proximity of the pulp the application of an aqueous calcium hydroxide preparation is recommended. (CAL- EXCEL).


2 gms tube with applicator tips.

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*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use.