GI LUTING (Premium)

Glass Ionomer Luting Cement Type I



This is a glass ionomer cement glass polyalkinoate cement for luting. GI Luting (Glass Ionomer Luting Cement) has low solubility in the mouth and a low acidity.

Fields Of Application

For attaching crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, pins, posts, and orthodontic bands.

Method Of Use

Clean enamel, dentine, and metal surfaces thoroughly and dry completely. Make sure not to leave any traces of other materials which could impair the properties of GI Luting (Glass IonomerLuting Cement). Temporary work should be attached with eugenol-free Cement. Before attachment clean, the core, rinse (e. g. with H2O2), and dry.

When using GI Luting (Glass IonomerLuting Cement) for the first time, remove the cap from the bottle and fit the pipette attachment supplied.

Shake the powder well before use.

The working temperature should be 150C-230C.

Use one drop of liquid for one level measuring scoop of powder (powder/liquid ratio=3.0:1 g/g).

Put powder and liquid on a suitable glass plate or a suitable mixing pad.

When dispensing the liquid, hold the dropper bottle vertically. It is recommended to divide the powder into 3 portions and to mix it portion by portion into the liquid, using a solid plastic spatula or another abrasion-resistant spatula.

Mixing Time: 30 seconds | Working Time: 3 minutes | Setting Time: 5-7 minutes.


GI Luting (Glass Ionomer Luting Cement) has a working time of approx. 3 min and sets after 5-7 min (3-5 min in the mouth). Higher temperatures shorten the working time, low temperatures prolong it.

The correct consistency is achieved when GI Luting (Glass IonomerLuting Cement)is applicable to the core with a hard brush. It is essential to avoid contact with water and saliva during application and setting.


Excess material can be removed after 10-15 min, preferably with an explorer. Desensitize strongly ground and sensitive sores prior to a temporary attachment.

Remaining varnish and other substances (e.g. isolating agent) can affect the adhesion and should be removed completely before using GI Luting Do not apply the cement excessively and maintain sufficient dentine thickness to avoid pulp irritations. If necessary, pulp protection should be applied in the proximity of the pulp or a core build-up should be carried out, if indicated.

Rinse instruments with cold water immediately after use and before the setting of the cement residues. After the removal of orthodontic bands, cement residues can be removed gently and rapidly with an ultrasonic scholar.

GI Luting contains polyacrylic acid, fluoro-silicate, and parabens. Do not use GI Luting in cases of hypersensitivities against these ingredients.


Close powder container immediately after use, in order to avoid infiltration of humidity which may result in a loss of compressive strength.

Store at temperatures 40C-230C


10 gms powder, 6gm liquid.

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use