Desensitizing Gel


Instructions For Use

  • Thoroughly brush your teeth before treatment.
  • Each tube has six treatment doses (Containing 3ml. Gel) uses approximately 0.5ml. per tray.
  • Express the contents evenly in each tooth compartment into the deepest portion of the tray.
  • Seat the tray with gel firmly over your teeth with the care not to push all of the gel out. 
  • After treatment remove the tray, brush, and rinse the gel from your teeth and tray.


  • Do not smoke while treating.
  • Do not use while pregnant.
  • Do not eat while treating.
  • Do not expose the Tube to heat and sunlight.
  • Do not freeze the tube. 


2 Tube, 3ml each with  applicator tips.

Treatment Period

As directed by your dentist.

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use