10% Citric Acid


Citric Acid 10%, a root canal cleanser, is intended to etch root canal walls just before obturation to allow an optimum seal.

Citric Acid 10% is a slightly thickened, water-soluble solution. It is tinted slightly orange for easy identification and is provided in a 10ml tube.


Make sure the applicator Tip is loose in the canal and at least 2mm short of the terminus. Gently deliver the Citric Acid with an applicator Tip. Move tip up and down to agitate and brush solution, cleaning walls to dissolve and remove calcium hydroxide with Citric Acid. Do not express Citric Acid when the cannula tip is at full length or if it fits tightly against the canal walls.

Flush out the canal with clean, bacteria-free water, followed by copious sodium hypochlorite. When Citric Acid is used in lieu of EDTA liquid to remove the smear layer, let Citric Acid dwell in canal for 3minutes. Perform a final rinse with clean, bacteria-free water, plain EDTA, or local anesthetic. Quick and effective removal of most of the Citric Acid solution or other irrigants is facilitated by using a Luer Vacuum Adapter with a Capillary Tip or 10mm Micro Capillary Tip.

Dry the canal with Paper Points.

Fit master cone, then obdurate with Endoflux or Resinoseal root canal sealers along with coated gutta percha points, and specially designed delivery systems.


Do not follow Citric Acid rinse with sodium hypochlorite or vice versa, as this can lead to the production of chlorine gas. Always rinse with clean, bacteria-free water between Citric Acid and sodium hypochlorite irrigation.


  • Always use a rubber dam for endodontic therapy.
  • Prevent ingestion of Citric Acid solution.
  • Prevent getting the solution in the eyes or leaving it on the soft tissues for an extended period.
  • Do not extend the tip past the root apex or express Citric Acid past the apex.
  • Do not express Citric Acid from the cannula tip at the root terminus or if the tip fits tightly against the canal walls. This may force the solution past the apex.
  • Do not use this product on patients with a known sensitivity to Citric Acid.
  • The tips and delivery syringes are disposable and intended for single use.

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use.