A Chelating Agent For Chemical Reaming Of Root Canal



Disodium Edetate 17% W/V, Excepients q.s. ad 100ml.


Canalarge is a neutral EDTA solution that enters a chemicals reaction with the mineral components. 

Canalarge is a chelating agent containing a quaternary ammonium salt.  

Canalarge has a very slow surface tension so it easily penetrates without mechanical aid even the narrowest of root canal. 

Canalarge is neither toxic nor caustic, entirely harmless, for the peri-apex, and easy to use. It cleans out devitalized residual pulp and dentine so efficiently that mechanical reaming with broaches or files is facilitated in the narrowest of the canal. 

Directions For Use

Introduce Canalarge into the cavity and force into the root canal using a fine explorer. Mechanical reaming may begin at once. Repeat the operation several times and rinse the water.


Bottle of 13ml and 60ml

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use