Calcium Hydroxide Paste Radiopaque



Calcium Hydroxide, Methyl Cellulose, Barium Sulphate, Excepient to make. 


Cal excel is ready-mixed Calcium hydroxide paste which comes provided with its own tube to facilitate its application to the prepared cavity. 

Used as a base under the filling Cal-Excel , due to its chemically neutralizing properties, protects the pulp against acids residual in most dental cements and other filling material adversely. 

Applied in several layers Cal-Excel does not inhibit formation of secondary (reactional) dentine: used in contact with or in near proximity to non-gangrenous pulp it may actually stimulate such formation


As a neutralizing agent or << Cushion >> protecting dentine against chemical or thermal reaction. 

Directions For Use

As Cavity Base: 

Remove the plastic tip cover from the tube. Fix the applicator tip on the tube. Push the handle of the tube to the forward-until the paste just emerges, then quickly pushy back the handle a little to prevent any excess flow. Wipe off the paste from the tip into the cavity dotting the base with pinpoints of the emerging paste exuded and use the tip end as an applicator to spread it over the cavity base. 

Only a  very minute quantity of cal excel is necessary to cover the cavity base. When a half dozen or so dots paste have been smeared over the paste so applied. 

This will spread it in a uniformly thin layer over the base surface which will then dry in a matter or seconds. Any excess of paste will be blown onto sidewalls of cavity without harm. For rapid drying in a uniformly thin layer. When dried cement or other filling may be applied directly over the Cal Excel layer. 


As A Base Deep Cavities

Where removal of considerable decay and softens dentine has resulted in cavity of considerable depth cal excel provide thermal insulation under the filling material. 

 When such a protective cushion is needed several thin layers of Cal excel should be applied alternative! Taking care each layer has first dried before applying the next one. Use the technique described above to spread each individual layer evenly. Each such thin layer will dried in matter of seconds. Build up this Cal Excel < Cushion >> to desired thickness to provide an affective thermal insulation of the pulp as well as its chemic; protection. 

ENDODONTIC: As a temporary filling material of  root canal Cal Excel should be applied with rotary past filler. 


In tube with applicator tip 

Important note after each use of the tube, use disinfecting solution and small cotton pad to thoroughly clean applicator tip. The tip should then at once be plunged back into plastic cap from which it was originally withdrawn. 

2 gm each tube with 4 applicator tips.


Do not expose to air for long time-the TIP MAY DRY. 

If dries, Clean it with a sharp tip and plunge back into plastic cap.

*Dental Material for use by Dental professionals in the practice of dentistry.
*Not for medicinal use